Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's a girl!

I'm officially halfway through my pregnancy with Baby #2, and we just found out it's a girl! I think Eva will love having a sister; she loves talking about the baby and how she is going to help Mommy. Meanwhile, we are getting her "big girl room" ready so baby can move into the nursery. Here are pictures of Eva's new butterfly bedding and carpet.

We had the walls replastered and are waiting for that to dry completely before we can paint. I am thinking of a robin's egg blue, like this:

I can't wait until it's all painted so we can buy a bed and get everything set up. I am thinking we'll probably go with this daybed from IKEA, which I think is perfect for a little girl's room. It can also pull out to a double for when we have guests.

What do you think?


Cat said...


SML said...

Thanks, Cat! Have fun at Feria! Besos

Laurie & Guy said...

So exciting for Eva to have her own big sister room! It all looks beautiful! XXXOOO